Friday, July 29, 2011

What I've been up to this summer...

Wow, this summer has been crazy busy and one of the best I can remember! My kids are at the age now where we can pick up and go much easier. No bottles, diapers, strollers, naps etc. We spent almost the first half of our summer at the beach. The kids loved it, we loved it, the dog loved it...almost makes me want to move there except then work would be there and it wouldn't feel much like a vacation. After our trip to the beach trip, I was able to squeeze in a couple of sessions before I went on a trip with my husband to New York City. I love it there. We have been a handful of times now and we always manage to find something new to do that we haven't done before. Here are a few photos from my summer. The first two are from our first trip to the beach. My sweet girl learned to swim. I'm really proud of her! I'll be back to my summer sessions starting tomorrow!!!


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